Kansas Brides

March 2004

Kansas Brides

Kansas Brides Books 1-4
Includes Stranger's Bride, Never a Bride, Bittersweet Bride, and His Brother's Bride

Is marriage their answer? On the historic plains, four women find someone to marry. Will these brides blossom like sunflowers in the prairie heat or wither under the pressures of marriage? Is it really love when...

Sara's trying to escape an abusive stepfather, and her groom marries to please his father?

Jane wonders if the marriage proposal she's received is Luke's reaction to the love he just lost - Jane's own sister?

Mara collects suitors like some women collect teacups - though not the one man she really wants?

Emily says "I do" with the dream of having children but finds her husband has no such desire?

Will these marriages ripen to a full harvest of love or will they produce chaff scattered on the wind? Can these women trust God to orchestrate their lives and loves?

"The stories were so well written that it was hard to put the book down."

~Review from a reader

"...a very satisfying read. You really feel like you are in Cedar Springs, Kansas and walk away feeling these people are your friends."

~Review from a reader