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Denise Hunter, romance author Denise Hunter, romance author

Welcome to my guestbook ... 

I love to hear from my readers! I check my guestbook regularly so feel free to drop me a line.

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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Joyce Wiberg  

Date: 10/8/2009


Just finished Surrender Bay and The convenient Groom-thoroughly enjoyed them. I usually read just Christian Romance but I enjoyed these two book as they were good stories and no trash. Will look forward to reading more of your works.

Name: Kathryn  

Date: 10/1/2009


I happened upon Sweetwater Gap at the library. I just finished it moments ago and I truly loved it. How refreshing to read something so innocent.

Name: Regina  

Date: 10/1/2009


Hi Denise, do you realize what an exceptional writer you are? I have read all of your books and each one just keeps getting better and better. You are a gifted writer, author and exceptional christian novelist. God bless!

Name: Kristina Preston  

Date: 9/24/2009


well, last summer i found your book, The Convenient Groom. & now its my favorite book! i havent been able to find a better one; i loved it & your writing!! :)

Name: Cindy Loven  

Date: 9/23/2009


OHHH I just finished Seaside Letters, I was sent it from TN for review and I loved it...you may email me or check TN review site for my review ~C~

Name: Tina  

Date: 9/19/2009


I love Christian fiction and I just finished Sweetwater Gap. This is the first of your books I have read and I am hooked. I hope that God puts on your heart to make a series from this book. I would love to hear more of Grady and Josies journey together. I just didnt want Sweetwater Gap to end. I want to know more. Thanks for a great story.

Name: Jennifer  

Date: 9/9/2009


I happened upon The Convenient Groom last fall at my Christian bookstore. I loved it so much I found copies of all your other books and devoured them too, and shared them with friends. As a Kansan who loves pioneer stories, Kansas Brides was a special treat. I am looking forward to The Seaside Letters release. The allegories in the Nantucket series are so thought-provoking. Thanks for writing the deeper story. God bless you!

Name: Hopefulmom  

Date: 8/26/2009


I just finished Sweetwater Gap! Great story! I will be looking for your other titles at my local library very soon. Blessings to you and your family!

Name: Meegan L  

Date: 7/27/2009


Hello, I just finished reading Sweetwater Gap and I must say I loved it! It was my first book of yours to read and makes me want to read all your others now. What an page-turning novel! I also love and enjoy your christian beliefs tied into the novel, especially seeing how well it paralleled the story line. Thanks again, it was a great read!

Name: Edna Tollison  

Date: 7/23/2009


It has been awhile since I wrote in your guest book so I just wanted to say hi and that I enjoy your blogs and interviews. mamat2730(at)charter(dot)net

Name: Penny  

Date: 7/1/2009


Hey Denise, Just finished reading Sweetwater Gap for my book club and loved it. It just got better and better the farther I read. Sure would like it if Josie and Grady had a sequel in which they could look for baby furniture just like she daydreamed. I downloaded Aunt Lolas apple pie recipe and plan to surprise my book club with a sweet treat the next time we meet. Thanks for a great story!

Name: Jean Wimer  

Date: 6/24/2009


I am reading Sweetwater Gap and enjoying it very much. As Josie goes around in the story of being sick I knew it was going to be the Addison diease. I also have Addison. I was told 20 years ago that I had it. I have been in the hospital a few times with the low blood press. I think the more that is written about it the more the public will know about th diease. Did you know dogs can also have it? A freind told me her dogs has it.

Name: Jessica (Unger) Saunders  

Date: 6/22/2009


Denise, Remember me, your long ago sitter. The boys are so grown up now! I just picked up your latest book and am looking forward to reading it. We have a blog if you want to see what I have been up to...we have two girls, a 2yo and a 1mo. I love being a mom. Hope you, Kevin and the boys are doing well. Blessings Jessica

Name: Jenny  

Date: 6/11/2009


I just love reading your books. I even referred them to my friends.

Name: Lynette Bonevitch  

Date: 5/28/2009


I just got done reading "Surrender Bay" I really enjoyed it.

Name: Mary Gallagher Williams  

Date: 5/23/2009


I just finished reading Sweetwater Gap. What an awesome book for someone who has had a parent who did not favor them, and for someone who is convinced that their dark secrets and sins need to stay hidden. I want to go buy all of your Sweetwater Gap books up and give them to the women I sense are hiding shame and rejection from their past.

Name: Ayrian Stone  

Date: 5/16/2009


Denise, I love convenient marriages and analogies of Christ, so The Convenient Groom was an extra special treat! Each of your stories has been like a PiŮata to me. When I break open the pages, numerous, unexpected treasures fall out. I pick up each one like a precious jewel and study it carefully. Where does it go in my life? What is God teaching me in this scene, this conversation, this character? I have learned so much about Godís love, grace and power through your beautifully crafted stories. I see Him anew through the eyes of your characters, so like myself, struggling with difficult choices in life and relationships. When Jesus steps out of the story to speak straight to me, Iím given a priceless diamond I can meditate upon and display for others. Such is the gift I hope spills out of the pages of my debut novel, Love that is Blind. It is a novel of hope and forgiveness, of passion and freedom. Like Mending Places, it isnít a light read because it deals with the hard core issues present in our generation. But Jesus speaks and interacts with the main characters just as He does in your stories and in reality, giving us the wisdom and grace to follow Him. Thank you for using your gift of writing beautiful love stories to reveal Jesusí role as Bridegroom. The imagery you create are treasures I continue to hide in my heart. Sincerely, Ayrian, homeschool mom and author of Love that is Blind

Name: Lori  

Date: 5/11/2009


Recently I picked up the book "Kansas Brides". This is my first experience with your work and I just thought you should know that I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you have more books written in the same format, please advise. I would love to read them. Here on your website, you have once again piqued my interest. I am from North Carolina so when I saw your new book "Sweetwater Gap" it immediately grabbed my attention. Hopefully I will obtain a copy soon. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. God Bless!!!

Name: Jane Squires  

Date: 3/20/2009


I just love the way your site is set up. I love reading it. I think I am subscribed to your newsletter. If not, I want to be. God Bless you and annoint you as you write for his glory.

Name: Nancy Bowman  

Date: 3/20/2009


Hi, Denise. I just read Mending Places and had to tell you what a wonderful book it is. I am getting ready to order the next in the series and hoping there are even more to it that that. Thanks so much for sharing your gift of writing. God bless, Nancy

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