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Denise Hunter, romance author Denise Hunter, romance author

Welcome to my guestbook ... 

I love to hear from my readers! I check my guestbook regularly so feel free to drop me a line.

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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Andrea  

Date: 7/21/2011


I just finished Surrender Bay and could not put it down. I wanted to say thank you for the great love story that my 13 year old daughter could enjoy as well. God Bless you and your family. Love in Christ, Andrea

Name: Marla McPherson  

Date: 7/21/2011


Love you books, just got started with the New Heights Series -- would love book #3 Finding Faith on KINDLE :)

Name: Gilda  

Date: 7/17/2011


I am reading "convenient groom". i am a hopeless romantic at heart,so this book really touches a part of my heart. thank you for a great story!

Name: Regina  

Date: 7/12/2011


I just read one of your novels, Sweetwater Gap, it was awesome... thanks for such a great story!!

Name: sandy hunter  

Date: 6/30/2011


Hi, my name is Sandy and I really enjoy your novels. They are the best.

Name: Norma Fuqua  

Date: 6/27/2011


Dear Denise, I just finished reading your book Surrendar Bay, I could not put it down, I love the way you brought Sam back to the island to deal with her past ghosts. Thanks for the great read. I will be reading all of your books from now on. and will be looking for others you have written. I love the way you write. May God bless you and guide you in all your days of writing. And bless you and your family, Norma

Name: Annie  

Date: 6/26/2011


I got hooked on your books by reading Driftwood Lane, the next day I bought 5 more books and i cant stop reading them. I love your writing keep it up.

Name: Melanie  

Date: 6/15/2011


Denise, I just got done reading Surrender Bay and I absolutely could not put it down. I love the strong love that is conveyed to Sam through Landon and the message on how we should never give up on each other or the love we have for someone.

Name: Emma  

Date: 6/12/2011


I have one of your books, Seaside Letters. Each time I read it, I want more. You definitely have got me hooked! I am getting my hands on as many books of yours as possible. Keep writing!

Name: Iris  

Date: 5/29/2011


More Big Sky Romances please! Loved it!

Name: Sue  

Date: 5/17/2011


Just read one of your books for the first time, The Convenient Groom. I certainly will be reading more of your books. You have me hooked.

Name: Lonnie  

Date: 5/8/2011


Just finished one of your novels for the first time. Cowboy Touch. Loved every minute of it and the inspirational message. You have a new fan.

Name: Alyssa  

Date: 5/8/2011


I absolutely love your books! The stories are always great and well written. I started reading "A Cowboys Touch" yesterday... :)

Name: Kira  

Date: 4/20/2011


I am only sixteen years old. I have a passion for reading, especially great love stories. Needless to say, after reading Seaside Letters and Driftwood Lane, you are one of my new favorite authors, and I anticipate to read more!! God bless <3

Name: donna thompson  

Date: 4/19/2011


love your books.

Name: Judy  

Date: 3/27/2011


Just finished "Seaside Letters". Great clean love story.

Name: Taylor  

Date: 3/26/2011


I just finished reading all of your books that are avaliable at my library, and can I just say please send us the other ones!!!!!! I am a romantic and I absolutly love your books!

Name: Micha  

Date: 3/22/2011


God Bless! Just finished Seaside Letters, my first book by you! Read the book in less than 48 hours, and of course I need to read the rest of the Nantucket series. The book was refreshing and I had the hardest time putting it down. I was literally walking around my home while reading. Keep up the amazing work. You have certainly gained a loyal reader here.

Name: Joyce  

Date: 3/8/2011


Just read Sweetwater Gap and wanted to tell you I really loved it. Your characters are so well-written. Keep up the great stories, and God bless you! Joyce

Name: Sharon Hodges  

Date: 3/4/2011


Wow, I am reading Surrender Bay and I am having difficulties putting it down. This book is wonderful. Keep writing, you have a great gift! God Bless!

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