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Denise Hunter, romance author Denise Hunter, romance author

Welcome to my guestbook ... 

I love to hear from my readers! I check my guestbook regularly so feel free to drop me a line.

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Guestbook Entries:

Name: Pam  

Date: 11/23/2013


I just read Driftwood Lane and loved it....a friend loaned it to me....I see where it is part of the Nantucket Series....can these be read as stand alone books? They do not appear to be about the same people. Please advise. So glad I have discovered your books. You are very talented.

Name: Barbara Fox  

Date: 6/20/2013


I just finished The Trouble With Cowboys and I loved it. In fact I have loved all of your books and am looking forward to the Chapel Springs series. Keep up the most enjoyable work! Your writing is a blessing. If I could add a smiley face it would go right after "Write Faster!"

Name: Danielle  

Date: 5/21/2013


I am reading "A big Sky Romance" books and am on the third book "The trouble with cowboys". This is my first time reading your books and I started them over the weekend and already on the last one. They are gripping, inspirational and heart warming. I feel like a kid in a candy store now and buying all your books. The mini study points at the end along with your notes are encouraging and have gotten me thinking. All three of the characters I have been dealing with each think in different ways..this series has been healing for me and I have felt Gods hand. Thank you for being obedient to God and listening, you are such a blessing.

Name: Marsha Carter  

Date: 5/16/2013


Just read Surrender Bay. Great book! My first book by you. Will definitely be reading more. Thanks and God bless. Marsha Carter

Name: Heidi Southwick  

Date: 3/18/2013


I stumbled upon your books while looking for a good romance book at our library. I have never read better books!!!! After reading A Big Sky Romance series, I fell in love with Montana and Cowboys! Keep using the talents God gave you!

Name: Michele harvey  

Date: 3/6/2013


Omg! I love ur books. Just got done reading a cowboys touch! Love it!! U have 2 make a movie now!! Carrie underwood as Abby! Not sure what cute guy as wade though! Love 2 hear back from u.

Name: Heather Greene  

Date: 2/27/2013


I love your books! I have read 9 of them so far,and can not wait to read more.

Name: Brittany  

Date: 11/17/2011


If only every author could write like Denise! In my 23 years of life, I can sadly--but honestly--say that I had only ever read four books from beginning to end...that was until I read Surrender Bay. Since then I have read the entire Nantuckett series; I have also finished A Cowboys Touch, which was amazing might I add! I can not say enough about these books. Each one of them has made me think about life, love, and God in a new light. Thank you, Lord, for blessing Denise Hunter with this beautiful gift!

Name: Phyllis Eversole  

Date: 11/4/2011


Dear Denise, I just finished reading A Cowboys Touch. I loved the book and it is so wonderful to find good Christian books to read and enjoy. Thank you so much. I also love the Women of Faith Conferences, although it has been a long time since I have added one. I love Patsy Clairmont and Marilyn Meberg and all of those women who make a difference. God Bless you all.

Name: Kimberly  

Date: 11/3/2011


i love all your books. have read up to seven so far. cant wait to read the next one.

Name: Brandi  

Date: 11/2/2011


I just finished a cowboys touch and I loved it !!!!!!! I have read alot of your books and really enjoy all of them

Name: Ruth  

Date: 11/2/2011


Enjoyed Nantucket Series. Currently reading SWEETWATER GAP. Next up Kansas Brides.

Name: Kim  

Date: 10/30/2011


I just finished A Cowboys Touch. It was a wonderful book, and I loved it. Thank you for such an uplifting story.

Name: Melissa  

Date: 10/16/2011


Just now reading Surrender Bay and have fallen in love with witht he characters. Already ready to move. I have also already aordered more books~Excellent

Name: Melissa  

Date: 10/15/2011


I just want to say that I finished the book "Sweetwater Gap" and really enjoyed it. I found the twist to be unexpected and enlightening. Many times I have met some one who seemed to have a fake exterior.. Or that they were hiding something. With this perspective, it reminds me that everyone has a story. Thank you for writing something for the Christian women out there!!

Name: Nancy Kimball  

Date: 9/4/2011


Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed Surrender Bay. I fell in love with Landon the moment he wordlessly dropped down in the mud beside Samantha to pull weeds in the rain.

Name: Sarah Brewer  

Date: 9/1/2011


I just got done reading surrender bay it was the first book I read in a long time and I loved it. I am currently thinking about reading driftwood lane and I cannot wait to start it.

Name: Deanna  

Date: 8/29/2011


I just read Mending Places. I am going back to the library to find the rest of your books. I could not put it down. Thank you for your wonderful books.

Name: Ashley  

Date: 8/16/2011



Name: Pam Bustard  

Date: 8/2/2011


I have just finished reading Surrender Bay. I really enjoyed the read. It was hard to put dowm...I am leaving on vacation tomorrow. I am trying to find more of your books. Our local christain bookstore does not have any in stock. I hope to find them once I arrive in LA

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