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Nantucket Scene
Denise Hunter, romance author Denise Hunter, romance author
Bittersweet Bride
Barbour Publishing
Heartsong Presents

The one suitor Mara Lawton cannot add to her collection is the one she wants most -- Clay Stedman. Clay has just arrived in Cedar Springs to work the Stedman ranch. His widowed aunt is leaving to visit family back East, and Clay must find someone to care for his little sister and perform the household chores -- like cooking for fourteen cowboys, doing the laundry, and feeding the hogs. Mara offers Clay her services, despite having never cooked a meal, washed a garment, or gone near a hog in her life.

Clay is taken with Mara's looks, but a recent heartbreak makes him wary -- that and the fact she doesn't share his faith in God.

For Mara, whose self-worth is based on her family's wealth and royal lineage, obstacles and reverses create a terrible inner turmoil. Will she

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Reader Comments:

"It couldn't have been any better."


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